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Berchstein antique Pad
Bosendorfer 225 Pad
Steinway B Pad
Yamaha C6 Pad
Erard Upright Pad
Bosendorfer 290 Pad
Steinway D Pad
Fazioli 308 Pad




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Berchstein Antique is released.

Dear fellow customers, I have released the 8th and final piano. Since 2004, I have been recording these pianos in France, US and Thailand in my spare time. It has been a long a interesting journey, sampling a legendary Bosendorfer 290 with my Alienware laptop and some Russian microphones, or just my mother's Erard upright had  been a great challenge. The recording is one thing, but the digital treatment is sometime a painful task. I have spent at least 6 months on each piano, fixing samples, removing noises and correcting errors until I get a perfect sound.

I did my duty and I think I offer a wide choice of sounds in a nice interface. I know that some people are recording albums, even using midifiles sometime to play some great classics and sell them. My goal have always been to propose a digital alternative to the real pianos, a true enjoyment of playing the piano in new ambience, feeling and mood.

My pianos are not typical VSTi pianos, they are more designed for live performance, like the real thing, but running with a computer. I will continue to sample pianos and upgrade these, it is my passion, there is no reason to stop, but I will work with my friend Frank Lhermet who has an incredible collection of electric pianos and is a little bit crazy like me! We will work together to provide you the best of the electrics pianos in a neat interface with the same concept Absolute Piano has successfully developed. It will take some time, but it will happen for sure. The first release will be a Wurlitzer because it sounds so sweet, I cannot wait until I work on these samples recorded by Frank 2 years ago now.. sorry for the delay mate ;)

Version 4.2 upgrade for all pianos.

In this upgrade I introduce a new concept that will be developed in the v5. If you purchased one of my pianos before, you must to upgrade and listen the new sound. The idea is to emulate not only the sound of the piano by using a quality soundbank and adding real time specific effects on it, but truly emulate the resonance of the piano from the inside.

Right now, there is no outside control available for the user, it is only an inside setup. Each piano needs to be tuned from the inside so that the stereo, the resonance is sounding great. You do not have to worry about this, I do it for you. In the future I plan to give access to some parameters so that the user can change the overall stereo, resonance and sound of the piano with new never seen powerful parameters.

In these version I still keep a stereo sound bank, but in the future it is possible that I use only a mono sting impulse and then recreate the trail of the sound algorithmically. The tests I am doing are giving amazing results, with a sound that is more 'alive' than any expensive 'Italian or German' pianos, and which fits under 500 MB!

I have updated some demos with the new piano engine. You can compare and listen here.

New pianos: one years since I announced the new pianos. The wait is over!

Today I release the new Fazioli 308, the Bosendorfer 290 Imperial and the Steinway D. These new pianos uses a different internal playing engine that allows to have a bigger soundbank. As a result, these pianos have 3 time more samples and definition than the ones released before, while have the same award winning interface.

Version 4.1 releases  

What's new? I have fixed several issues with the samples in both the demo version and some of the last release Bosendorfer and Steinway version. New installer with better compatibility with Windows 7 and supported by anti-viruses.

Important: if you already purchased one of the 4 pianos: Steinway B / Bosendorfer 225 / Erard Upright or Yamaha C6, you must update in order to remove a bug in some velocity switches.

Version 4 releases date:  

Important Update: I have redesigned the website and will release the V4 of all the pianos. This upgrade is FREE for the registered customers. Plus I will release 4 new piano in the next few month, that are the generation 2 of the plug-in, using the upgrade from the v4 but with totally new sampled piano sounds.

Buy the Piano bundles now and you will get the update free at this low price. Expect a higher price when the new piano will be released.

What's new in version 4?

  • New Hammer simulation option.

  • New Tonal simulation option.

  • New Sympathetic resonance emulation.

  • New reverberator, using a combination of Schroeder reverb algorithm with a FDN network reverb.

  • A new host for Standalone use, now you can play piano rolls and record them directly.

  • New sequencer and Midi tools to play with the piano even without a keyboard.

  • New preset bank manager

  • New enhanced sound, using cross-fade and overlaps to progressively pass from one velocity layer to another.

  • New hassle free registration, no more registration console, just a key for the install and you are good to go.

  • New 30 pages documentation.

 4 Pianos Bundle. I've decided to offer a huge bundle of 4 pianos (more than 1 gb of great sounds). Bosendorfer 225, Yamaha C6, Steinway B, and Erard upright for an amazing price!

An upgrade to all  the Absolute Pianos customer is only $100 (login in your account and choose the upgrade in the RENEW drop down menu)

The Erard upright. This was my own piano so I spend even more time to sample it and re-work it until is sounds exactly as the original. IT is a high end piano made in France by an old brand, and it sounds really amazing! I use it in almost every style. It has a sounds closer to what we call a piano, not belly, just a percussive universal sound that works for almost everything.

The long awaited Yamaha is released. This piano is very different from the 2 others. The Steinway is clean and very universal, the Bosendorfer has an amazing expressivity and stereo, and finally this Yamaha has a very bright sound. It will sound best on modern music like Pop/Rock, and Urban music styles. Test it on I'm still standing from Elton John for example!

The Absolute Piano really exploit the Virtual Piano concept by adding specific and innovative possibilities. With its filters you can sculpt the piano timber and produce a large number a piano sounds from the same base. Everything is  specifically designed to manipulate and play piano sounds.

Steinway C7. This piano has been sampled from a huge Steinway C7. It has a very powerful and bright tone, particularly suitable to every modern musics.

Bosendorfer Concert Grand. This piano has been sampled from a rare Bosendörfer 280. It has a very specific shimmering sound and a great stereo image, great in solo, jazz and classic styles or for ballads.

Steinway Concert Grand. This piano has been sampled from a Steinway D a versatile and classic piano that can be played for most styles and circumstances.

(coming soon) Upright Erard. This piano is my own piano! It sound very bright and powerful. I took a lot of time to sample it correctly, I was not limited in time, because I was at home, I like it very much I think it is the very first Erard (famous French brand) piano sampled ever.

(coming soon) Bechstein Antique old Piano. A German piano with superior warm and mellow tone compared to most modern pianos. Like all antique piano it has less dynamic and it sounds smoother...authentic and original.


There were more news, but well, if they are 2 years old, there are not really fresh news right? So I deleted them!

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